Celebrity Reflection Inaugural Cruise

Dec 26, 2012 Avatar Pam Jacobs Pam Jacobs

Reporting from the Celebrity Reflection naming ceremony and inaugural sailing 12/1/2012.

Wow! Celebrity Cruise Line‘s Reflection is a stunning vessel, and anyone who sails would back me up on that! What a gorgeous ship! After the naming ceremony, we set sail on the inaugural from Miami.

Something you may not know is that for all of the five Solstice Class ships in Celebrity’s fleet, the godmothers all have been women affected by breast cancer. For this ship, they chose four godmothers for the Reflection,

and they honored each with a pink ribbon to cut to release the gigantic champagne bottle to smash against the ship’s hull! It was exciting and memorable. The Captain sang the Greek Anthem with his staff.

It truly was an exceptional evening onboard. We explored ate, drank, shopped and had so much fun. There are several places onboard that I would call to your attention to that I feel are quite special and unique. As far as the public areas, I loved the Hideaway, a fun place to curl up with a book and share some quiet time with your partner. There are 3 “pods” in there that are so adorable and cozy. This seemed a favorite area for many of the guests. The Library, a Solstice Class ship staple, is a 2-story library off the open, and was just gorgeous!

The Bars! The Martini Bar is very cool and very popular; with the bar made of ice, and the bartenders performing amazing cocktail gymnastics. However, I was most impressed by the Molecular Bar! The Molecular Bar was created by the liquid chef, Junior Merino! He mixes very special cocktails. I tried a vodka-based drink called Dragonfly, with many raw and fresh ingredients and shaken before adding liquid nitrogen! You have to wait until your drinks stops smoking and bubbling until you drink it….YUMMY!!!! Now, that is one of a kind!

The Cellar Masters wine bar, was very cool! To help you explore international wines, there’s a state-of-the-art Enomatic® dispensing system. With

a simple swipe of your Sea Pass card, it will pour your choice directly from the bottle in a 1-ounce, 2.5-ounce or 5-ounce portion. The Sommeliers will guide you in the use of the Enomatic® system, and offer further insight into the fine art of wine selection. Then, you’ll be ready to begin your travels through the world of wine.

A few other fun and different things about the Celebrity Reflection are the lawn, a great area where you can play bocce ball or croquet, have lunch or dinner in the Lawn club, enjoy a picnic, rent a cabana… or just wiggle your toes in the grass (yes, it is real!). It’s a wonderful spot to really relax, and you won’t find anything like it on any other cruise line! There is a cool tree that’s suspended in the middle of the glass elevator banks! And last but not least! The Reflection Suite! OK, the suite itself is fabulous, but the star of this suite is the bathroom! It’s so exclusive it doesn’t show up on the Celebrity deck plans yet! I wanted to include a picture of this, as it is hard to explain, but it is also a MUST SEE! It is the coolest bathroom I have ever seen, Elvis would have drooled!

If you’d like to learn more about Celebrity’s Solstice class cruises, the Reflection ship, or Celebrity Mexico cruises, you can reach me through my profile page at Pam Jacobs.