Cheers to Cabo Cocktails!

Jun 07, 2018 Avatar  TravelStore

Mixology is having its moment. It seems like every restaurant and bar has its own signature craft cocktail, a bar with their own resident mixologist and plenty of new drink concepts to keep us all interested and excited in the latest trend. Cabo San Lucas is no exception.

During my recent stay in Los Cabos my cup runneth over. Every bar and restaurant had a great drink menu, and upon my arrival to each hotel I visited, my group and I were greeted by a friendly staff member and a tray full of drinks. Some hotels had their own specialty cocktail, others had a non-alcoholic beverage and even green juices were served to my surprise. It really seems that food is no longer the only place where chefs can be creative.

At the Esperanza Resort they offer mixology and cooking classes for guests to participate in. They even have a sea-to-table option where you go down to the beach with the chef and catch the food you will prepare. On our visit we were treated to the hotels’ chef doing a demonstration of how to make their signature Clamato Cocktail. He had a table full of ingredients and his passion to mix it all together perfectly to create his masterpiece was like watching an artist paint. The chefs excitement to get us all involved and to share his recipe was a fun experience for us to all be able to sip and learn.

Drinks before dinner at one of Le Blanc Resorts bars was excellent. I was happy to see their fabulous drink menu with several of their own creative concoctions. They are a luxury all-inclusive resort so all of the liquor on hand is top shelf and the drinks are made with pride and attention to detail. One of the cool things they feature are whiskeys that they infuse with different flavors like cinnamon, coffee or spices. I, myself am a tequila girl, but my friend loved the whiskey and tried it more than once.

Another day my group and I got to participate in a cocktail class at the fabulous One & Only Palmilla. They had a table beautifully set up for each of us with all the essential gadgets and gizmos to shake up our own perfect Paloma. There was a menu to follow, a table full of ingredients and a mixologist instructing us along the way. After putting the final touches of a twisted orange peel and mint leaf garnish, our group said cheers and felt full of accomplishment.

Many of the hotels offered tequila and mezcal tastings and at the Grand Fiesta American Los Cabos their spin on the cocktail craze is in their spa. It is called the Somma Wine Spa where they offer “vinotherapy” to help you relax and beautify your body. You can have a foot bath in either red or white wine while you sip on a glass and enjoy some cheese and fruit. Such a different concept that brings something new to the typical spa menu. Little add on activities like this that resorts offer are fabulous. Clients today want to have experiences while on vacation, they want to participate and be involved and concepts and activities like these are perfect for today’s traveler.

The welcome and hospitality from every hotel kept not only my cup full but my heart as well.

Cheers to you, Cabo!

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