Costa Rica Wedding & Galapagos Honeymoon

Jun 12, 2011 Avatar Gloriane Letterman Gloriane Letterman

I recently had a bride and groom travel to Costa Rica, in Central America, for their exotic destination wedding at the JW Marriott Guanacaste in Costa Rica.

After the wedding they spent a few days at the property and then traveled to the Galapagos for their honeymoon. What great memories they have. They sent me pictures from their wedding and in spite of the rain they had a wonderful ceremony as seen on the picture.

The wedding planning was simple and the hotel took care of all of their needs. Being that the bride’s family lives in Ireland they were unable to come to the wedding. Her sister emailed me a letter to be read at the ceremony and this was taken care of without any hesitation.

The bride and groom thoroughly enjoyed the Galapagos. After they spent the night in Quito, Ecuador they flew to Baltra Island to embark on a 4 day Galapagos cruise. At the end of the cruise they spent the remaining 3 days at the Red Mangrove on Santa Cruz Island in Ecuador.

My goal in planning their wedding and honeymoon was to make sure that all their dreams for the beginning of their life as husband and wife were met. Eric is an avid diver and did not want to go to the Galapagos without enjoying at least one dive. Being that Niamh was not going to dive she wanted to be pampered. I was thrilled to make sure they were both able to enjoy their time together and also do some of the activities they enjoy as individuals. A dive was arranged by the Red Mangrove for Eric and a day at the spa was arranged for Niamh. They came back happy and I had the pleasure of being a part of making their dreams become a reality.

The following is a note I received from Niamh:
“The trip was great. Thank you for organizing it. The hotels were great, Metropolitan and Panorama tour group staff were fab and the Galapagos was the best trip either of us has ever been on! Anyway I am sending you on links to the pics! Thought you might like to see the fruits of your hard work!!”

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