Cruising Iceland Like a Pro

Jun 24, 2019 Avatar  TravelStore

The country with the northern-most capital on the globe, the nation that elected the first female president, and the island whose heat and electricity principally comes from a mix of geothermal water and hydroelectric power: Iceland. You could come to this splendid state and see it by land, but why not see its environmental and cultural wonders by water?

Iceland ProCruises, which is a part of Iceland ProTravel, offers travelers the experience of seeing the stunning Artic scenery of Iceland, as well as Greenland, via boat. Aboard the Ocean Diamond, the company’s only ship, sailors are able to go into areas that are too small for bigger vessels. Plus, for exploration outside of the ship, zodiacs are available.

Iceland ProTravel has over 15 years in experience and boasts a high level of expertise in the region. While cruising past memorable destinations, Iceland ProCruises also has presentations by specialists on Iceland and Greenland to supplement the scenery with an educational component. Some specialists utilize their knowledge ashore to assist guests on off-ship expeditions. There is a total of 106 staff and crew as compared to the ship’s 210 guests.

Journeys go around Iceland while others showcase both Iceland and Greenland as offered by Iceland ProCruises. On a cruise, depending on the time of year, cruisers will experience the 24-hour days of sunlight experienced by Icelanders in the summer. Additionally, the region is northern enough to have the delightful sight, the Northern Lights.

Iceland was rated as one of Forbes’ top 19 places to visit in 2019 while Greenland was rated as one of TravelStore’s top ten places to visit in 2019.

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