Do YOU need travel insurance?


Travel Insurance is one of those topics the media loves to bring up on a regular basis and question its value.  It causes travelers to also question the merits of it.  After all if car insurance wasn't mandatory, how many of us would risk not purchasing it. But those of us that have been in an accident, appreciate its merits.... it's the cost of driving, so to speak.

Well... travel insurance is the cost of traveling. If you don't think you need it, let us approach it from a different angle -- what the statistics indicate.  While there are a number of companies offering travel insurance, some of them better than others, TravelStore primarily uses one or two that we've vetted. One of these had 667,774 cases in 2014 alone!

Of those cases, over 66,000 were of a medical nature, and 226,000 resulted in claims. There were over 1800 evacuations, which doesn't sound like a tremendous number, unless you happen to be one of those that needed to be evacuated. (Not unlike getting into a serious traffice accident.)

In a world where political tensions and natural disasters are never abated, some of our coverage plans now also include personal security assistance, which provides 24/7 security team monitoring intelligence and deploying consultants as needed to extract travelers from emergency situations. An extra measure of protection.

If you live by the maxim "better safe than sorry" then travel insurance is a no-brainer. Click here to price out and secure your coverage.