Flying Etihad Airlines to India

Etihad Airlines is a member of One World Alliance (American Airlines), and we were able to use their Business Class lounge at LAX waiting for our departure recently. The lounge offers comfortable facilities with a great view of the Duty Free area at the Tom Bradley terminal.

Boarding Etihad’s Boeing 777 was a breeze, and it was easy to get settled in for the long flight from LAX to Abu Dhabi.

The Business Class “pods” were comfortable and recline to a lay flat bed for sleeping. There is a bundle of inflight entertainment provided and the staff is highly service oriented. Be sure to ask for the pajamas to wear during the flight. They are very comfortable and help keep your clothes looking fresh for your arrival.

During our visit in Abu Dhabi, we had the opportunity to visit the Etihad Airlines training facility. I was impressed on hearing about the required amount of training the staff must pass before they are allowed to work onboard one of their aircraft. As an example of their commitment to the customer experience, Etihad also provides nanny’s onboard for passengers with children. They are there to assist with your children on those long international flights.

We were also allowed to see the life-size models of their Airbus A380 aircraft that is currently operating to/fromNew York. I can’t wait to have that equipment in Los Angeles! They have provided many details to assist passengers with a more comfortable flight.

Economy class has more leg room and a head rest that allows you to rest your head while sleeping. Business class is beautiful with larger pods than the 777, and First Class is out of this world. Named the “Apartments,”

First Class guests have a leather recliner as seating, and a bed that fold out from the bench in your apartment. Ladies: it even has a vanity to check your makeup before you arrive at your destination. There is also a shower for First Class passengers that want to refresh during their flight.

And for those clients that want the ultimate comfort, I suggest they reserve the “Residence”. It accommodates two people with 2 recliner seats, an area for dining, a bathroom, a double bed and a dedicated butler.

Special note when flying out of Abu Dhabi. When traveling to/from Abu Dhabi to the U.S., you can clear customs in Abu Dhabi. We have American Custom Control agents working at the airport who process you there. Once you arrive Los Angeles you bypass the custom lines and are directed to the downstairs arrival area where your luggage will be waiting for you.

I timed how long it took me to get from the plane down to where my luggage was waiting and it was just 20 minutes.

Nancy Decker Davidson