Israel From Desert to Sea

Sep 01, 2015 Avatar  TravelStore

On my recent trip to Israel, I was able to visit historic sites and indulge in fun activities. Despite the intense heat of August, I was able to enjoy every moment. The highlights for me were seeing the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa, walking through Tel Aviv, spending Shabbat at The Western Wall, staying in a Bedouin tent, and swimming in the Dead Sea.

Baha’i Gardens in Haifa are gorgeous to behold. The gardens consist of nineteen terraces which extend up Mount Carmel. I was astonished by the architecture and landscape design. The views from the bottom were lovely but the view from the top was completely breathtaking.

Tel Aviv is very modern compared to the other cities in Israel. Rabin Square, a large public square in the city center, was charming to stroll through, and visiting Independence Hall was extremely educational. While the building was not much to look at, the significance for the country is huge.

Another highlight was seeing The Western Wall on Shabbat. Also known as The Wailing Wall and Kotel, The Western Wall is famous throughout the world. I visited twice during my stay in Israel, including once on Shabbat. Shabbat at the wall was powerful, even for non-religious people. There were people praying, crying, laughing, chanting, and dancing.

Swimming in the Dead Sea is memorable. The sand and water was extremely hot so I could not stay in the water for very long. Unfortunately, I got a cut on my arm the day before going to the Dead Sea, so it burned in the water because of the high salt content. Despite these barriers, I enjoyed floating easily through the water. It was quite the experience.

The final highlight was staying in a Bedouin tent overnight. We drove to the middle of the desert where we stayed in a 50-person tent on small pads. There was in-door plumbing including showers and toilets. I love camping which is why I enjoyed this experience. Before dawn, I woke up in time to see the sunrise. This was incredibly beautiful in the middle of the desert. Afterwards, I rode a camel. The camel ride was fun and exciting. My camel even got loose of his harness and tried to wander off with my friend and me. I will definitely stay at the Bedouin tents and ride a camel the next time I travel to Israel.

I highly recommend at trip Israel and look forward to helping you plan your journey.

Courtney Lavarnway