Jazzed about India's wildlife

Tiger sighting in india on TravelStore wildlife tour

Thanks to our client who posted this from his recent India wildlife trip with us:

It has been a few weeks since our small group shared a three-week fantastic India wildlife journey together organized and escorted by Heidi Hoehn from TravelStore. I can tell you, we are still “jazzed” about the whole journey.

We visited four different National Parks, and enjoyed 14 game drives.  We saw at least one tiger in each Park; Amongst our group, we saw apex predators (ten tigers and seven leopards) in six of the game drives 

We also saw one sloth bear, in addition to numerous deer, jackals, wild boar, birds, 

monkeys, elephants, mongoose, an Indian Grey Wolf, a snake, crocodiles, wild dog, and probably more I can't remember.

In a word, WOW!

Randy L, Oregon