Loving Japan

Jul 26, 2016 Avatar Florence Brethome Florence Brethome

I fell in love with Japan. For good reason, Japan has become one of the most sought after destinations worldwide. It is safe, clean, rich in history, culture, gastronomy, and some of the top hotel companies are now represented there.

As a result, there is vast potential to design an unforgettable Japanese experience, and we have some excellent in-country contacts we work with. The magic can start with the flight from Los Angeles, because so many airlines have brand new, top of the line aircraft with routes to Tokyo.

Tokyo is a fantastic city with much to offer, truly making it a destination in and of itself. This year, on my quick trip to Japan, I spent some days in Tokyo and some in Kyoto. I experienced the incredible bullet train between the two cities and had unlimited, breath-taking views of renowned Mount Fuji.

The local people are unbelievably kind and polite, and any worries of crowds are dismissed when you realize how organized their cities are. I thoroughly enjoyed just walking around on my own and visiting the fish market, local temples, and soaking up all of the sites and sounds.

The only word to describe Kyoto is enchanting. Stepping into that bewitching city is like traveling back in time. I have always been interested in the Geisha culture, and was finally able to realize my dream when I visited the mecca that is Kyoto.

I unfortunately was not able to spend enough time there and will definitely plan a return trip. I would love to experience more of the authentic Japan, and spend some time in a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn that originated in the early 17th century) as well as the world-renown hot springs. One week to ten days would be a perfect amount of time to spend in this great country. Also, the US dollar goes a long way these days, making it more affordable.

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