Magnificent Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Apr 16, 2018 Avatar Maral Nazarian Maral Nazarian

“The water flows, and the crazy watch it flow…” is an old saying my grandma used to use….I never really understood its meaning before my trip to Iguazu Falls, Brazil. Waterfalls can mesmerize you into a trance, and you can stare at it for hours when it’s as beautiful as the falls at Iguazu.

Arriving to Iguazu and heading to our hotel, the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, through the gates of the National Park was an amazing trip through natural protected forest. The hotel is located literally at the falls, and as soon as you arrive you hear the powerful force of the waterfalls and can’t help but try to quickly check in and get a glimpse!

I spent 2 days at Iguazu Falls, enjoying great activities during the day and after-dinner Cachasa tasting (a typical liquor used for making Caipernia, the drink of Brazil) I would call it a night but made sure to open my window and hear the waterfall for a few minutes and be lulled to sleep.

But I could barely sleep because I was so excited to be here, and i would wake up early and make it to breakfast in the Belmond’s beautiful atrium-style dining area by the large pool.

My first day here began with a visit to the Bird’s Park, featuring many species of birds from all around the world. Some birds are rescues, some just there for education purposes, but all are well taken care of and it is an enjoyable and educational visit.

On the second morning was the much anticipated experience to see the Falls from all angles, from above and from below.

I boarded a helicopter and flew over the lush green landscapes of Iguazu and the waterfalls. This experience truly is a must for every visitor. Next was the boat ride that went along the river and under small waterfalls; feeling the force and the cool crisp water on my skin was so refreshing and awakening.

Finally, I was able to walk on the bridge that literally takes you above and next to the actual waterfall from the Brazilian side, where you feel the true force of nature. The noise, the mist, and the visual you take in that moment is something out of this world … the WOW moment! As I stared at the waterfall, I went back to my thoughts of my grandmas words and why I can’t stop being almost obsessed by this scene of water falling.

I couldn’t get enough of the beauty and power of this natural wonder.

That evening we had a special dinner including a Brazilian Dance Show. It was your typical 2 drinks included in a dark theater. Once the curtains opened the sound of the music and the dancers in colorful outfits captivated me and the audience into a Brazilian trance that made everyone shake their “booty” in their seats.

What a way to end my trip to beautiful Iquazu Falls.

The Earth is full of oceans and rivers which move and flow, and sometimes pound powerfully and create waterfalls. We watch the flow and wonder …are we crazy or just taken over for a moment with the sounds and beauty that these natural wonders offer?

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