Off The Beaten Path in Riccione, Italy

Feb 11, 2013 Avatar Maike Cenci Maike Cenci

Last October I was invited to attend the Italian Travel Trade Show in “Riccione,” not Rome, Florence or Venice, but “Riccione” on the “Adriatic Sea,” also known as the “Italian Riviera.”

Riccione is located within the Providence of Rimini. It took a good hour by bus to get there from Bologna, the airport we flew into.

Once I got done attending the Trade Shows and workshops, I went to explore the area a bit on my own.

The first thing I noticed was there were “NO TOURISTS,” so to speak. It made sense since the main tourist season in this area is mainly the summer months, April/May through September. The rows and rows of hotels were more than I have ever seen before in one area. Most all the hotels I walked or drove by where closed and boarded up for the winter.

Some of the restaurants, bars and shops stay open for some vacationers (and locals) who don’t mind the cooler weather. The Shopping Streets had wonderful upscale stores just like in the big cities.

During the summer month, this beach town is full of life. Young people come for the night life and the families come for the theme parks. Most hotels offer babysitting in the hotel and at the beach all day long.

When I walked toward the beaches, I noticed that the seafront is one large boulevard, shaped by a road (almost like a promenade) and an equally developed bicycle lane that reaches the end of town following all along the sea. What a sight that must be in the height of the tourist season.

One of the Tourist attractions here most people do not want to miss is the “Villa Mussolini”, the famous Italian fascist’s summer house.

Families who stay in Riccione/Rimini are mainly Europeans’ who book their trips well in advance, even before they leave for home from here.

Next time, when you are in Italy and have a few extra days, try a new area, like the “Italian Riviera”. You’d be surprised and amazed on how European’s enjoy their vacations, and you can join right in.

See you on an Italy vacation —Off The Beaten Path.

Maike Cenci