Northwestern Fiji, Part 4: Navutu & Nanuya

Jun 23, 2013 Avatar  TravelStore

After departing Yasawa Island Resort with a farewell song in our ears, we traveled by speed boat down through the Yasawa island group in northwestern Fiji.

Untouched white sand beaches and small deserted islands flanked our boat on either side, and the sun sparkling on the deep blue water was stunning. We arrived first at Navutu Stars Resort for a visit of their property.

Situated on a private and secluded volcanic island, Navutu Stars enjoys gorgeous white sand beaches and views from its deluxe burés out over the turquoise waters that surround the island.

The Italian owners have built and decorated the burés in Mediterranean style, with white floors and walls, and simple furnishings collected from their travels around the world. Everything is designed to highlight the natural beauty around you.

Navutu Stars has an on-site restaurant serving generous portions of local Fijian specialties, a Spa and yoga instructor in residence, a pool, and plenty of activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, paddling, hiking, or visiting a local village.

Navutu Stars would be thrilled to arrange a wedding in paradise or special event as well!

From here we hopped back on the speed boat over to Nanuya Island Resort, another private island.

Nanuya enjoyed the same secluded, relaxed ambience, though a bit more rustic.

Hammocks hung along the beach front and those lounging soaked up views of turquoise water and white sand between their toes.

There was a restaurant on site that offered both American and Fijian dishes using local ingredients, and activities included the standard local favorites: snorkeling, Scuba Diving, kayaking, fishing, and guided village visits.

Nanuya can arrange private weddings as well. This would be a good destination for a relaxed and minimal island escape.


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Briana Thiodet