Onboard Oceania Cruises’ Insignia: Harstad, Norway

Jun 12, 2012 Avatar Jonathan Alder Jonathan Alder

Today we entered the tiny port of Harstad, Norway, below Tromso on the map. Its main purpose is industrial, but it is located inside a beautiful fjord.

The town itself has some shops and restaurants, but the main attractions are located outside of town. The old church is just around the bay from where the ship let us off and is a worthwhile visit. Dating from the 1300s, it is built in a very traditional Norwegian design. The views from its grounds are stunning. If you have the time, walk over to the visitor’s center approximately a 4-minute walk from the church.

We’re back onboard the Insignia, a wonderful luxury cruise ship. We are sailing farther north to Svalbard. Canyon Ranch Spa, famous for its land- based spa resorts, operates the wonderful facilities onboard Oceania ships. They are, in my opinion, the best run spas at sea, offering a multitude of treatments and services, and without the sales pressure found on some other spa operations at sea.

Management here is really on point. The staff is not only incredibly talented, but are much more knowledgeable than I have found onboard other cruise lines.

I enjoyed a deep tissue massage along with some N.M.T. worked in tonight, which thanks to my new favorite therapist helped more than they will ever know.

If you’re a couple looking for a cruise vacation with top rated cruise lines, you really can’t go wrong with Oceania. (Oceania is not really kid-friendly and so when it comes to cruises for families there are better choices. But for many of Oceania’s guests, part of the attraction is its adults-only orientation.)