Our Ship of the Year: Oceania Cruises’ Marina

Jun 12, 2012 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

I’m quite jazzed to be attending the inaugural festivities for Oceania Cruises’ new ship Marina. While it’s always great to get to know a new cruise ship, the Marina promises to be a somewhat special ship with a lot of “wow” power. The Marina departed on her maiden voyage on Jan. 22 from Barcelona, is making her way across the Atlantic, and arriving in Miami for christening festivities and a short 3-night “Super Bowl” cruise beginning Feb. 5.

We’ll be there when Entertainment Tonight host, Mary Hart, will name Marina and christen her with a 15-liter Nebuchadnezzar of champagne custom-made by Armand de Brignac! Then it’s all aboard and a fireworks display to celebrate. Stay tuned for more news on this highly anticipated cruise ship from Oceania Cruises.