Pictures in the Galapagos

Apr 15, 2020 Avatar Florence Brethome Florence Brethome
Nowadays, most of us all have smart phones. Do we take a lot of pictures with them when we travel? Yes! Are these pictures all great? No!
I finally got a chance to learn how to take good black and white pictures on my last trip to the Galapagos. Following the leadership of the Lindblad Expeditions photography specialists onboard the National Geographic Endeavour II, I found out the wildlife in the Galapagos is the perfect subject for some pictures… especially iguanas!
Sea iguanas are ideal for this practice. Their skin is dark, and they love baking under the sun, usually lying down on rocks of similar color. Gray on gray, black on black. While very fast and agile in the water, they prefer to stay still on land and can remain in the same pose, sucking up the sun energy, for hours! The black and white setting on whatever you use to take your picture allows for a more precise, deeper view of their body.
Sea lions also were great subjects when laying down on a white sand beach. Now, they can be a bit playful, whether it is with their friends or with the few humans visiting their beaches a few at a time. But they are not afraid and are quite curious and may pose for a picture or two.
With these fantastic animals available at a super close range, all I needed was to ask: what direction is the sun shining from? Because once you’ve located the source of light, you can suddenly see the animals’ shadows and work on taking fantastic pictures.

I already knew that the Galapagos Islands would give me access to unique flora and fauna. Learning how to enhance their beauty with my pictures and immortalize these memories added so much to my travel experience. I am only an amateur, but now, I feel the deep need to go back to the Galapagos and keep on practicing!

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