River Cruise Reviews: Uniworld

Jun 12, 2012 Avatar  TravelStore

We have so many clients discovering the joys of traveling on river cruises. Historically, there have been a lot of stereotypes about river cruise ships. But in recent years the best river cruise products have leapfrogged in quality and the experience they deliver the traveler. This trend continues because there are so many new river cruise ships being built.

Here is, with permission, a note our cruise travel agent received from a valued client:

“Never having taken a tour on our many, many trips to Europe, I was somewhat skeptical about our trip to China with UNIWORLD.
This trip turned out to be one of our very best.

The itinerary was well planned, the restaurants that we were taken to and the shows that we attended were all first rate, as were the hotels.

I found UNIWORLD to be a very well organized tour company. Our guide Kevin was extremely knowledgeable and very personable. Kevin was with us for our entire trip and he was one of the reasons we enjoyed and learned so much about China. My husband and I enjoyed UNIWORLD so much that we are planning a River Cruise for next summer to Vienna with them. Thank you for showing us another way to travel.”

Fran Y., Los Angeles

Thanks for sharing, Fran. Learn more about Uniworld or read more about the best river cruises. Do you have a river cruise vacation story to share? Let us know!