St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Apr 08, 2011 Avatar  TravelStore

Located in the sleepy town of Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica; this hidden Caribbean gem is a necessity for those in search of quiet time. It is difficult to reach but those who are adventurous will be assured a striking raw view of the south coast of Jamaica and the small inner towns along the way. Because of the distance from the airport, it is best to travel with a personal driver. An additional advantage besides the personal service is the ability to hang and visit with locals and street vendors. This would be the way to experience what Jamaica really is like. The warm and friendly locals are appreciative as it is not a common tourist destination as Negril or Ocho Rios.

The place to stay: Jake’s. The colourful bohemian appearance is au naturale, (there is no air conditioning) with a back to basics lifestyle and attitude. The dining options are limited however, but don’t be fooled, the food is exquisite. My shrimp was succulent and fresh, flavored with exotic West Indian spices. This reminded me of why I was here … the food and taste of the Caribbean is hard to beat.

A nice walk after dinner leading towards the edge of the property overlooking the sea is a must. The light ocean breeze and the scent of salty air left me breathless, tingly inside, and spiritually refreshed. Wake up early in the morning to swim in the nearby beach with the sun shining and you’ll feel like this island was created for only you. This is the way to travel …

Monique Lai