Taking Manhattan

Nov 01, 2016 Avatar Hilton Smith Hilton Smith
October is a great month to travel to so many places in the world.

Generally mild and pleasant weather prevails. This October it was time for a visit to New York City followed by a cruise on a new, spectacular but understated ship.

New York City did not disappoint, always full of energy and diversity. My home for two nights was the W Hotel on Lexington Avenue, mid-town just across from the iconic Waldorf Astoria.

The place where my parents first met is about to go under a three-year closure. It will be transformed into a combination of privately owned apartments and still some hotel rooms.

The W itself was happening, but the utilitarian rooms can use a redo.

The brand new Four Seasons Downtown was a treat to see, part of an 82-story new build two blocks from the new One World Trade Center.

The Spanish designed Oculus Transportation Center is now open (photo). The observation deck is open as well at the new tower. Much is happening Downtown. Hi Line Park, Chelsea Market, Central Park and Times Square were all highlights of the stay. It seems a new hotel opens about every two weeks. NYC is always a good place to visit with lots to see and do.