The Four Seasons Costa Rica

Nov 11, 2013 Avatar Katie Cadar Katie Cadar

There’s a lot to like at Four Seasons Costa Rica at Papapgayo, which is set on the Papagayo Peninsula on Costa Rica’s northwestern coast, the dryer side of the country.. The resort is a perfect getaway either from the West or East Coast — it’s about halfway between the two coasts — and convenient for bringing families of friends together.

Entering the resort, the drive from the security gate takes at least 15 to 20 minutes before reaching the main lobby. The lobby area is open air, welcoming guests with views out to the pools and beach. The Spa and shops are also in this building.

Next to the lobby are the main pools, three of them, each with plenty of seating.

There are two beaches, one on either side of the pool area. The Mirador Beach is quieter, while Playa Blanca offers water sports. Both beaches have calm clear water – great for swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, which are all included activities here.

The rooms start from the beachfront in several buildings, continuing up the hill onto the rest of the peninsula, up to the villas. There are golf carts on demand to transport guests about the resort. Families with children, or those who prefer to have quick access to pool and beach, may find the regular rooms closest to these facilities the most desirable.

Rooms are comfortable and spacious, with terraces protected by screens.

For those who prefer a quiet getaway, with lots of privacy, the villas are the best option. Atop the hill, they usually require a golf cart to transport you from the restaurants, spa and the beaches.Villas are of several sizes and types. I stayed in a canopy villa with private plunge pool, overlooking the bay and the tops of the trees. We were told to watch for the monkeys – we heard the howlers every morning, but never saw them.

The villa had a living room, bedroom, huge master bath, a second smaller bath, a deck with seating area and plunge pool. There are also much larger villas with 2, 3 and even 4 bedrooms, perfect for families.

The spa at this resort was wonderful. Beautiful design. Likewise, the golf course was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. One of the complimentary activities is the Tour of the Giants – which is a golf cart tour around the front 9, to see the amazing trees and natural beauty.

The only detriment to the resort is that it is far from any local town, so there is no interaction with Costa Rican culture. The resort would be the perfect ending to a trip to Costa Rica, where several days are spent in the rainforest, then the volcano area, so guests could experience more of the country they are visiting.

Katie Cadar