The Simply Wonderful Likuliku Resort, Fiji – Part 11

Jul 13, 2013 Avatar Jerri Adair Jerri Adair

Our resort-hopping adventure continued to Malolo, a smaller island, to the Likuliku Resort in Fiji. Our transfer was by speed boat, a fun experience in itself.

The Likuliku Resort is on a private island with a beautiful lagoon. The resort has over water bungalows built directly over a reef a bit offshore. Yes, I am trying to describe a postcard moment. This is the only Fijian Resort with such accommodations and boasts being “a couple’s favorite.”

Our boat docked and we were greeted with songs by the hotel staff. We were given cool towels and refreshing drinks as we moved to the resort’s lobby. It was a very traditional and friendly welcome, similar to what we had experienced at each of the different resorts.

The Likuliku Resort is truly a secluded tropical getaway. It has breathtakingly beautiful views, unique accommodations and fabulous services. You can enjoy a spa treatment, with several different types of massage, facials or a wrap using the local materials of banana, pineapple, coconut or cane sugar. The aroma of the spa is wonderful for the senses, as well their massage that will leave you in the most relaxed state ever!

Likuliku is an ideal destination for couples looking for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. It’s high on my recommend list for travelers that want to experience a true, tropical paradise with wonderful views and magical accommodations. There are wonderful hikes, sunbathing by the magnificent swimming pools, or snorkeling above coral reefs filled with colorful fish. Returning scuba diving enthusiastically shared stories of seeing turtles, sharks, colorful coral life, and just being in another world. Whether above or below the surface, you can’ go wrong here.

Fiji is noted for its genuine hospitality, which is a key reason Fiji is one of the best vacation choices. For couples looking for a honeymoon, or just romantic time away, you are destined for the most wonderful time of your life on a Fiji vacation.