When in Cancun, Mexico: Isla Mujeras & Xcaret

Apr 08, 2011 Avatar  TravelStore

Isla Mujeres
Beautiful long island just about 30 – 60 minutes away from Cancun, depending on if you go by catamaran or regular boat. The island offers an exotic tropical paradise, beautiful beaches, nice resorts and opportunities to explore, including the:

Dolphin Discovery
On Isla Mujeres you can have the experience of a lifetime and swim with dolphins.
Have you always dreamt of a charming encounter with these beautiful and smart mammals? With this program you can interact with dolphins, touch them, kiss them, shake their “”hands”” (Fins), dance with them or even do the famous “”Foot Push””, which makes you feel like flying when two dolphins push you fast but gently through the water. An unbelievable and memorable experience. If you want to explore even more, you can also interact with seals, stingrays and watch tiger sharks while snorkeling.

Programs start at $69 and up depending on the program. Programs can be booked easily from your hotel tour desk or at the ticket booth directly, but it is highly recommended to book as early as possible, tickets sell fast.

Garrafon Park
Just a 10-minute drive away from the Dolphin Discovery on Isla Mujeres you will find Garrafon Park, a Natural Park, where you can experience natural beauties and fascinating adventures in and out of the water. You can go snorkeling, kayaking, do the world famous zip lining over the turquoise Caribbean water, discover the island by bicycle, visit the Hammock Garden etc., there is enough to do for spending a whole day. Food/buffet lunch is included in tickets price. Prices vary depending on activity inclusions of your day planned.

The Natural Eco Park of Xcaret is about 1.5 hours south from the Cancun hotel zone. Visiting Xcaret means unveiling Mexico’s roots, customs, traditions, cultural and natural richness. Experience floating in underground rivers, Mexico’s flora and fauna and the Mayan culture.

The most popular attraction in the park are the rivers of the Yucatan Peninsula that come from the very bowels of the earth flowing into Xcaret and submerge into their crystal clear waters. Enjoy the charming landscape and mystical waters of Xcaret’s natural sinkholes and pools. Swim and snorkel equipment is provided.

There are more than 30 spots to see and visit around the park, as well as a 2-hour spectacular show at night in the open air theatre retelling Mexican history. Ticket prices vary and for some visitors one day does not even seem enough. Buffet lunch is included in ticket price.