While Slovenia is small country wedged between Italy and Croatia in the heart of Central Europe, it is fast becoming a highly desirable destination. In the capital of Ljubljana, most everything is within easy access by foot, while many of Slovenia’s sights are within an hour or two of the capital, and include sites like the awe-inspiring Predjama Castle, underground caverns like Postojna, and scenic, fairytale-like Lake Bled. For such a small country, Slovenia has 23 culinary regions and some 28,000 wineries!

Ljubljana is a beautiful capital worth exploring
The Alps meet the Mediterranean Sea in Slovenia, a country surrounded by Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria."Slovenia holds the title of European Region of Gastronomy 2021 and offers much to discover on the culinary front. Slovenia is also world-renowned for its sustainability efforts and for being one of the greenest countries in Europe, and is a wellness lover's haven and overflowing with spas, wellness resorts, and outdoor activities.”
Things To Do
While there's plenty of sightseeing opportunities in lovely cities, nature is forefront in Slovenia. There are plenty of hiking trails and outdoor activities. including biking, kayaking and rafting in summer months. There's even bear watching! For foodies, there's truffle hunting and cooking classes.
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The capital of Ljubljana makes for a perfect base for exploring the natural wonders of Slovenia. Whether a shorter visit or longer one, we can arrange your accommodations in the capital of Ljubljana and throughout Slovenia, perhaps at one of the castle hotels. You’ll also enjoy our exclusive benefits at Ljubljana’s best hotel:

Ljubljana is the heart of SLovenia

Did you know?

There may be more bee keepers per capita than most anywhere else. While the country's populartion is around two million, there are some 90,000 bee keepers! That's a lot of honey!

After Scandinavian countries, Slovenia is ranked as one of the most sustainable countries of the 180 nations measured by the Environmental Performance Index.

The city of Maribor is said to have the oldest wine-producing vine in the world at 400 years old.

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Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia was the first European city with a zero-waste goal.  Ljubljana’s city center is a is bike-friendly but otherwise traffic-free pedestrian zone. This also creates a casual and social scene that is popular with visitors. Along with its many sustainable efforts, including over 5000 m2 of green space per person, Ljubljana is a member of Ellen MacArthur foundation for circular economy, supporting projects that focus on reusing and repurposing materials which would otherwise go to waste.

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