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An Iberia vacation offers the perfect blend of urban charm and coastal relaxation. As you journey from Portugal to Spain to Gibraltar, embrace adventure in coastal villages and age-old cities that were once home to acclaimed Western explorers. Wander historic neighborhoods along the Douro River, or bask in summer rays along Algarve’s beachfront. Discover near-forgotten Roman ruins throughout Spain, then head to Seville to marvel at Moorish architecture and cultural influences.

The Iberian Peninsula touches three major bodies of water. Iberia vacations extend from the Bay of Biscay in the north, to the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and the Mediterranean in the southeast. Covering a vast expanse, the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula ends at Gibraltar, which is a mere five miles from Africa.

Whether you savor Basque tapas in northern Spain, or feast your eyes on the flavors and history of Andalusia, a trip to Spain or a Portugal vacation will surely cater to any traveler’s taste.

Things to Do and See in Spain and Portugal

An Iberia vacation offers one an absolute paradise to explore, a peninsula of unparalleled beauty that bears tribute to an age of exploration.

You might begin your Spain vacation through this country's mountainous region. Architectural gurus should travel to the Alhambra, a Moorish palace unrivaled in its portrayal of Muslim and Christian influence; and idyllic Ronda whose mountaintop perch overlooks a stunning valley. On a trip to Spain foodies might travel south to Catalonia, a region famous for imaginative fare and Michelin-rated cuisine; but then each of Spain's regions has notable cuisine.

On a trip to Portugal, lovers of maritime history will find a wealth of knowledge about voyagers and explorers of centuries past. Walk through the oldest university town in Europe, Coimbra, and marvel at its ancient charm. Enjoy a slower pace beachside in an old fishing village along Portugal’s coast. Or take a Portugal cruise on the Douro River as you sip port in the city the wine is named after.

The Weather in Spain and Portugal

Iberia weather varies by region, especially between the north and south divide. Traveling south, Iberia has a relatively mild Mediterranean climate that draws vacationers year-round. Spring, summer, and fall are all ideal seasons to make a trip to Iberia if you’re looking to spend time on one of the region’s many beautiful beaches.

While southern Iberia weather maintains a mild climate throughout the year, in the northern peninsular regions, winter months can be quite cold, with snow along the mountain region. Travel experts recommend northern Iberia vacations in spring months from February to May, when flora and fauna are in full bloom and the Iberia weather begins to warm up, making seaside visits ideal.

Iberia Transportation Options

The whole of Iberia is easily accessible for travelers by rail or by road. Trains are available to take you to nearly every small village, medium-sized town, and large city in the whole of the country. Renting a car may be advisable if you have special needs, or if you require greater flexibility than the European rail system can deliver, but it is rarely necessary for a vacation.

Mediterranean cruises are another way to navigate along the coast of Spain and Portugal, with Barcelona a major gateway. Of course, TravelStore can arrange for your Spain cruise, as well as any pre- or post-cruise hotel stays in Spain or Portugal.

Iberia Resorts and Hotels

Iberia has a wealth of accommodations in just about every price range in nearly every town. Spain resorts and paradores are varied, offering the highest quality of service and comfort. The Algarve coast is home to many beach-facing or beachfront hotels; in Lisbon, travelers can unwind in a private whitewashed building retreat while enjoying the local culture.

There are many wonderful Iberia hotels perched on the doorsteps of some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, so don’t hesitate to have TravelStore help you arrange the perfect Spain vacation package or trip to Portugal.

Unique Adventures and Experiences in Spain and Portugal

Ready to venture off the beaten path and explore things to do in trip to Portugal that make this peninsula an exceptional escape? Read on for must-see sites throughout Iberia’s stunning landscape.

Journey to Portugal’s UNESCO-recognized Évora, a site famous for being one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe. Beautifully crafted, the tiles adorning the area’s whitewashed homes are best viewed as a part of a walking tour on your trip to Iberia.

Continue along Portugal’s riviera with a stop in Sintra. Once referred to as a “glorious Eden” by poet Lord Byron, Sintra is filled with magnificent architecture, expansive countryside views, and charm of eras past, making it the perfect destination for a Portugal honeymoon.

On a trip to Spain, take in the culture while studying awe-inspiring art from Las Meninas to Guernica as you travel across the country. If you’re looking to satiate an appetite for European art, a Spain vacation offers access to prized pieces carefully curated in museums, like Picasso and Dali.

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Whether you’re planning a romantic Spain honeymoon or you’re searching for a relaxing Portugal cruise, our team is ready to help you embark on the Iberia vacation of your dreams. Search for Spain vacation packages above, or contact us today to help you begin planning your ultimate getaway to Iberia.