We're your bridge from idea to fulfillment.

Affinity Groups... Associations... Organizations... Clubs... Special Interest Groups... Extended Family Groups...

Here are just some of the benefits we offer to you as a group coordinator:

►Your group wants to travel and needs to decide where and when to go. We'll help with that.
►We'll use our leverage to negotiate as favorable a deal as possible to meet your group requirements.
►We'll coordinate all the details, including custom requests.
►We'll be your reservation team, and handle all the questions and bookings from your audience.
►We'll handle and process all payments securely and ethically, and ensure suppliers are paid.
►We'll make sure everyone receives and understands their trip documents.
►We'll coordinate airfare for the group as a whole, or on an individual basis.
►We'll offer you Group Leader rewards, such as complimentary travel, if required.
►We'll provide a group escort if needed for larger groups.
►We'll help with marketing: from assisting with a mailing to creating a webpage on our site to a live presentation.

Let's get started -- Complete a travel request form and tell us more about your group, or give us a call!