We are especially proud of the unique and exclusive trips we arrange with our special guest hosts from all over the country. These cruises and tours are oriented around the special interests of our hosts and they are always insightful, enriching — and fun!

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TRAVEL WITH SPECIAL GUEST HOSTS FROM AROUND THE COUNTRY. Politics. Culture & Entertainment. Food & Wine. Special Interests. Our hosts and their fans have traveled to Australia, South America, the Mediterranean, Russia, Normandy, Paris, and Scandinavia and the Panama Canal….just to name a few. We work with hosts from cities all across the United States including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Denver and more.

When you join one of these very special travel experiences, all the planning is done for you. All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself! There are exclusive private cocktail parties, unique presentations and open discussion sessions with the host — exclusively for the group. You’ll also enjoy the camaraderie of newfound friends who share your special interests and points of view.
Our Guest-Hosted Groups:
  • Chris Plante, WMAL Radio and Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host
  • Dori Monson and Dave Ross, Radio Hosts KIRO Seattle, WA
  • Charlie Brennan, Radio Host KMOX St. Louis, TN
  • The Morning Show, KVTA Ventura, CA
  • Chris Salcedo, Radio Host WBAP Fort Worth, TX
  • Mike Rosen, Radio Host KOA Denver, CO
  • Phil Valentine, Radio Host Westwood One Nashville, TN
  • Eddie Fingers, Radio Host 700 WLV Cincinnati, OH
  • Matt Fraser, Internationally Renown Psychic Medium
  • Chris Mobley, President Modernism at Sea, Mid-Century Modernism Education

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