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When I was about 6 years old, I would watch the trains pass by our house in Beaver Falls, Penn. I wasn’t interested in the trains themselves, but where they were going and what the people would do when they got there. One of my favorite childhood memories was going to the Pittsburgh Airport with my parents and watching planes take off and land. Again, not interested in the planes, but my imagination went wild with the wonderful places they were going.

After a fun 8 years with TWA in NYC, I transitioned to the other side of the business. I didn’t want to give up traveling the world. If it's true that one should follow their passion with regards to their profession, I feel I've truly succeeded at that.

My most moving experiences seem to center around ruins. I remember when I first visited the Acropolis in Athens. I was so moved and my imagination was running away with me. I had to sit on the steps and take a meditative moment to wonder if I was sitting where Aristotle once stood. And I cannot even put to words to my feelings when I first walked into the Citadal of Machu Picchu. Priceless - speechless.

I have been to six of the seven continents (save Antarctica). My first-hand knowledge is the best asset I can offer my clients. I’ve traveled extensively in Europe, the UK, Central and South America, Asia, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand. Wherever your travels take you, allow me to plan it all from start to finish. I look at my clients trips through my own travel eyes; as if I were taking the trip. Do I want my own trip to be perfect? You bet I do! It's a matter of professional pride to go over and above what clients might expect from a professional travel consultant. 

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