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Paris and Europe's Christmas markets

Favorite Trip Experience

A helicopter ride over the glaciers of New Zealand's South Island

I first got the travel bug from my uncle, who worked for Pan American and traveled the world. I’d sit in their living room when they would return from a trip and listen to all their experiences.  They learned so much from their travels that you can’t get just from books or movies.  All the kids were playing and I was just sitting, listening and soaking it all in. I was hooked.

Traveling gives you great stories to tell, like this: I was in Greece for two weeks and had a few days of free time before boarding a 4-day Greek Isle cruise. Being such a worldly traveler, I thought it would be nice to take the bus back to my hotel to meet my group and I got on the wrong bus.  Not speaking Greek no one understood my dilemma and I couldn’t ask for directions. I ended up taking a ride with a young student on the back of his moped and barely got back to the hotel in time. And my lesson learned was to always carry a card with my hotel’s address on it when I don't know the local language!

Visiting Egypt was like going back in time.  It is amazing to see remains of such an incredible civilization that was responsible for so much of our history and art.  For nearly 40 years, I’ve been learning about cultures, destinations and assisting people in booking their travel. I love what I do.

Having lived in Hawaii for two years, I discoverd the islands, each with their own personality and unique experiences.  Whether you want to soak up the sun on a white sandy beache, stargazing from the Observatory at Mauna Kea  ora visit to Volcanoe's National Park,  you have a great  variety of choices. The Hawaiian people will wlcome you and share their rich culture.

In my spare time, I fish and embrace the nature surrounding my vacation home in the Eastern Sierras. I hope to climb Mt. Whitney some day!

Take the opportunity to travel now; you never know when it will come by again.

My Travel Experiences

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