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It's not just Ireland's scenery of lush green hills undulating between quiet lakes or the dramatic wind-swept Cliffs of Moher. It's not the good-natured and helpful people of the country. And it's not just the enormous sense of fun -- Dublin's Temple Bar area teeming with pubs and small restaurants of every variety and Celtic musicians that jam into the night. Ireland leaves you with something else; the sense that if you lingered here for more than a visit, you could instantly feel at home. There are many choices of activities to consider, ranging from golf or fishing to riding or doing something you've never done before, like a falcon walk at Ashford Castle. Ireland hosts a variety of ways to entertain you. I have worked with Habitat for Humanity in Northern Ireland and have traveled all around the Republic of Ireland.

I have also made Italy my area of expertise, not just because I'm Italian-American, and not just because I lived and worked in Italy or because I love pasta, although I do love pasta. It's really because I love designing trips that you will want to talk about the rest of your life. I send a lot of people to Italy because they always return loving the experience and wanting more. Italy has so much to offer--great antiquities, great art, breathtaking scenery, great places to stay and the best food in the world. And did I mention great pasta?

I can help you enjoy these wonderful destinations your own way, or arrange an escorted tour program for you, whether your budget calls for stays in cozy bed and breakfasts or five-star villas, castles and manor houses.

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