Around the World Cruises: Growing Options

Jun 12, 2012 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

Have you been on an around the world cruise? If so, undoubtedly it was a very special experience. There’s been a steady growing interest in world cruise travel: hopping on a luxury cruise ship for three months or more to visit multiple continents.

It’s a special “club” of savvy travelers that enjoy traveling on the top rated cruise lines across the world’s oceans and waterways, and that’s part of the appeal, too. But what makes these voyages so compelling is not only the variety of ports of call to be visited and the company, but also the special ambience onboard an around the world cruise, highlighted by special events and rubbing elbows with noteworthy guests.

But around the world cruises aren’t restricted to just those with that much time on their hands, and the budget, to enjoy an around the world cruise on the world’s best cruise ships. All world cruises are sold in segments, allowing cruise adventurers to sale on just part of a world cruise. When planning your cruise vacations, don’t ignore looking at a world cruise, and exploring the segment trips available. The length of these world cruise segments vary, but generally range from 11- to 21-days. And it’s not just the very top rated cruise lines that operate world cruises. Some mainstream cruise lines do, too.

For example, Princess Cruises just announced the special guests it has on tap for its 107-day world cruise which departs January 13th from Ft. Lauderdale. The Princess world cruise will visit 38 destinations in 28 countries, calling on six continents.

Scheduled guests include the likes of screen idol Tab Hunter; “Leave it to Beaver” star Jerry Mathers; “The Love Boat’s” Gavin MacLeod; legendary Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump; Suzanne Lloyd, granddaughter of silent film star Harold Lloyd; Oscar-nominated Filmmaker Leslie Iwerks and Space Shuttle Astronaut Robert C. Springer.

In addition, a variety of less reknown expert lecturers will inform passengers on a variety of topics. These include a World War II historian, a South Pacific naturalist, a former Concorde pilot, a former ambassador and U.N. official, an astronomer and a computer forensics expert.

All cruise lines “raise the bar” for their around the world cruise itineraries. Not all guests are on for the full world cruise, but usually for a particular segment, and each world cruise segment will feature enrichment talks and celebrity guests. So, if you’re tempted to get a taste of a world cruise voyage, you can search for world cruise options on our website.

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