Exploring the Great Barrier Reef Onboard Coral Expeditions

Oct 17, 2017 Avatar Katy Kennedy Katy Kennedy
Imagine Crocodile Hunting (with a camera) in the mangroves off the Great Barrier Reef, and taking a jungle walk through an ancient rainforest, then returning to your home away from home, a small ship, where the captain welcomes you back with “Tea and Cakes are being served in the lounge.”
You can sail round trip from Cairns, Australia on a three- or four-night Great Barrier Reef cruise on Coral Expeditions II. The ship accommodates 44 passengers and is very well appointed, with private comfortable ensuite cabins, delicious fresh dining options and a friendly staff willing to be at your service.
A marine biologist is also on hand detailing the eco system and marine biodiversity you encounter on your water adventures. The qualified Dive Master is ready when you are for a one of a kind dive in one of the world’s best locations to experience coral and sea life. I couldn’t believe the colorful giant clams! And during the day you can snorkel, entering the water from an aft platform, several times a day from different reef locations. On a small ship you can explore smaller islands and reefs, giving you a close-up view of this amazing World Heritage site that The Great Barrier Reef is.
But, if you want to lay in the sun, on the upper deck with its teak furnishings, that’s available to you, too. And while I wasn’t in the water, I loved going to the open bridge and chatting with the captain about his life at sea.
After playing hard all day, you are no doubt ready for a drink before dinner. There are two lounges ready to accommodate your thirst. Dinner is a served plate affair with linen tablecloths and an excellent choice of Australian delicacies.
Coral Expeditions II will provide a rewarding experience to The Great Barrier Reef and beyond. You will collect awesome memories of the true Australian experience, instead of the frustration of a rushed day trip for a snorkel so many tourists do.
I highly recommend an opportunity to sample rain forest, mangrove and reefs with Coral Expeditions II!