Family Travel Isn’t What It Used To Be!

Dec 12, 2015 Avatar Cynthia Bartlett Cynthia Bartlett

The ABC’s of family vacations can become “Adventures in Bonding with your Children.”

The landscape of family travel is increasingly evolving to engage children and their parents in adventure and unique experiences that will not only placate the restless nature of kids, but will also create lifelong memories for the whole family.

Success in traveling with any group, be it friends or family, is ensuring that everyone returns with their own list of happy highlights. For parents, often the art museums, restaurants and the meandering strolls through the old European cities is all we need to satisfy us, connecting us to another world beyond, while pleasing all our senses. However, for children and young adults, often this is not enough and, for the family dynamic, this can send the vacation into a tailspin with kids desperately grasping for a parachute out of, what you thought should have been, a great family vacation!

Insert adventure, adrenaline and unusual experiences and that is a travel game changer! Children and teens will acquiesce quite nicely to a museum visit if followed up, for example, by a high-speed river cruise, spelunking (caving) or even an experience such as an art class behind the museum scenes. Travel creativity goes a long way and a travel agent’s connections and expertise can offer an itinerary that doesn’t have to sacrifice culture, but can also include adventure, adrenalin and some off-the radar experiences.

My expertise with family travel comes from an abundance of personal experience, having traveled with my husband and three active boys to over two dozen countries so far (living as expats a few years ago created wanderlusts in all of us). Exploring the world with your family should be about the bonding that naturally occurs when having experiences that you all enjoy. The trend in family travel is rapidly growing with new destinations readying themselves to accommodate travelers of all ages. Are you ready for family adventure travel?

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