Travel Gift Cards Are The Ultimate Experiential Gift

Nov 08, 2019 Avatar  TravelStore
The new gizmos, fancy gadgets, and fun trinkets are all great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. But are they the best gifts? Well, no According to Science Daily, University of Toronto research suggests that giving an experience is more rewarding for the receiver than a material gift.

“An experiential gift elicits a strong emotional response when a recipient consumes it,” said Assistant Professor Cindy Chan. “Like the fear and awe of a safari adventure, the excitement of a rock concert, or the calmness of a spa. [It] is more intensely emotional than a material possession.”

As travel experts, we consider travel to be the ultimate experiential gift. Travel broadens our horizons and enriches us with wonder beyond the most magical dreams. Nevertheless, the logistics of delivering the gift might seem difficult; how do you wrap up the gift of travel?
With a travel gift certificate! Yes, we know; giving a gift card can feel impersonal. But cast away any ill feelings towards gift cards because, with a travel gift card, you are giving the receiver the power of discovering the world. A travel gift card is anything but impersonal; it’s the gateway to an enriching experience that is more rewarding than having the latest tech.

Plus, the sky’s the limit. While TravelStore’s median travel gift certificate amount is $1,000, our company offers travel gift cards in any amount and that don’t expire.

How do you purchase a TravelStore gift card? Just call us. You can book it over the phone with a credit card, and we’ll prepare it and send it to you.  To remit, the user will call one of our travel advisors when they are ready to book a trip and let us know they have a gift certificate to redeem. You’ll have to submit the original certificate or a copy of it prior to booking, and our advisor will inform you of that step when you get to it.

The TravelStore gift card can be used toward payment of any travel services we handle, including hotels, tours, cruises, flights, and more.

Next time a gift-giving occasion rolls around, consider a travel gift card, and create the memory of a lifetime.