London’s Hotel Scene is Always Happening

May 05, 2018 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

London is one of my favorite cities. Having visited at least ten times, i find with each visit there are so many new places to explore, new museums to visit, new restaurants to try…

The hotel scene in Europe’s major cities changes constantly, and keeping up is often a challenge (but that’s what we’re here for, and why we have such excellent partners around the world.)

In London there are some great offers that include four nights for the price of three, discounts on second rooms, with breakfast always included and free WiFi! We also have exclusive amenities at several hotels that include additional benefits…

Of course, being such a major city, London has oodles of great hotels, each with its own personality.

The Stafford, one of our favorites, has a new restaurant, the Game Bird, that is the talk of the town. Put it on your list. Another favorite, the Corinthia Hotel, has amazing new Garden Suites, while their penthouse suites are, in our view, among the best in London. Looking for a new hotel bar, consider The Coral Room at The Bloomsbury, which offers great value, or The Donovan Bar at Brown’s, with its great art collection and live jazz music, or The Cocktail Bar at The Marylebone, which has become a new hot spot. Red Carnation is a brand close to our hearts, and The Milestone Hotel here has completed a refurbishment of their multi-bedded residences and suites.

Traveling with families, London offers so many options. from the Athenaeum offering family specials, to The Capital, which can accommodate seven persons in its 3-bedroom penthouse, to the newly refurbished Rubens at the Palace.


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