Quark Arctic Cruise Review

Aug 09, 2018 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

A good photo of us in Svalbard on our Quark Expedition bucket list trip to see polar bears on an Arctic cruise. We sailed in June, 2018.

Not only did we see seven polar bears, three of which were a mother and two cubs, we also saw hauled-out walrus, a large pod of Beluga whales, Arctic foxes, 30 Svalbard reindeer, and innumerable fascinating Arctic birds.

The crew aboard the Ocean Nova was the best we’ve ever experienced – friendly, helpful, knowledgable, enthusiastic – and they all LOVED the Arctic!

Great food, wine, compatible fellow travelers – can’t ask for anything more from an expedition cruise vacation.

Thank you, Blanca and Tama and TravelStore!

Bobby and Kristie B.
clients of Blanca Echeverria