San Jose del Cabo: Casa Natalia

Apr 08, 2011 Avatar  TravelStore

Are you looking for a change of pace and scenery? San Jose del Cabo, in Baja California, Mexico, is a great, easy to get to, and fun destination, a 2-hour nonstop flight from Los Angeles, but a world apart.

Unlike the larger, busier, and more “”touristy”” Cabo San Lucas, 20 miles to the west, San Jose del Cabo is an old village, with cobblestone streets, and a charming zocalo, or town square, at its center. From there, small streets go off in various directions, with shops, restaurants, a couple of hotels and a church.

Casa Natalia, a charming small hotel, is just off the square. It has only 14 rooms and 2 suites, a pool, a lovely garden, and an outdoor eating area. The owners are European; they fell in love with the area and built the hotel 10 years ago. It has the best restaurant in the city, serving international cuisine. The rooms are spacious, with comfortable furniture, beautiful native art objects and private terraces, where breakfast (included in the price of the room) is served. Hotel guests have full access, with complimentary shuttle, to a lovely beach club about 12 minutes away. What is so much fun while staying at Casa Natalia is that one can walk to everything: restaurants, a charming French bakery/restaurant, shops and even the sea.

If you have a car, or take a bus or taxi, you can travel along what is called the “corridor”– the road between San Jose and Cabo, with its marina, cruise ships, golf courses, and many shops, hotels and restaurants.

This area of Mexico has always been known for its deep sea fishing, and some months of the year for surfing. Off-roading in the desert is also popular. So, whether you are looking for active outdoor sports or a more tranquil experience by the seaside, you can find it here. There is something for everyone.