Stay Connected While Traveling Abroad

Oct 26, 2015 Avatar  TravelStore

Tweet from the Taj Mahal or instagram from Cape Town, update facebook in Madrid or check emails en route from the airport to your hotel in Paris… Many of today’s travelers require being connected while they travel the globe. While most hotels offer WiFi services either at a cost — or not –service can be spotty, slow and insecure. Today’s traveler requires the freedom to get online when it’s convenient for them, and to stay connected 24/7.

TravelStore is pleased to offer our clients the ability to stay connected with the use of a small pocket-sized, wireless portable device with Tep.

You can link up to five personal devices to Tep, and stay connected without the need for sim cards or special contracts. Tep provides unlimited online access, 300MB of 4G high-speed internet per day, 24/7, all for less than $10 per day, plus shipping. (If you use more data, subsequent usage is slowed to 256 kbps, which is still fast enough to browse the web and send and receive emails.)

We tested the Tep device in Europe, and found it fast and dependable.

Being able to get online while in a taxi, train or coach was very convenient and a luxury.

The device comes with a charger in a convenient, small zip-up carrying case, and all you need to do is make sure the battery is charged, and start it up each day. I travel with an adapter, and just used my USB cable to charge the Tep battery, my iPhone and iPad at night as needed, so I always had a full charge for the next day and was able to get online at a moment’s notice.

Tep provides 6 hours of usage time, and 123 hours standby time.

Tep includes a return envelope, so all you need do upon returning home is drop it in the mail. If you are interested in renting a Tep device, just click here to visit the Tep site and place your order directly.