Travel Agent as Personal Therapist?

Apr 08, 2011 Avatar  TravelStore

We’ve commented before about the relationship between
happiness and taking vacations. (In fact, studies show planning a vacation is a greater source of happiness than actually taking one.)

While we’ve always known we’re in the happiness business, at our luxury travel agency we sometimes jokingly refer to ourselves as personal therapists, too.

Now, according to an article in, “Three in four Americans feel taking a vacation will be important to their mental health this year.” So yes, I guess it’s true.

When you find a personal travel advisor, you can think of them as a personal therapist, too. After all, what we do impacts your well being. Of course, there are good therapists and bad therapists, and we’re blessed at our luxury travel agency to have so many “travel therapists” that are totally focused on what’s best for their clients.

In the survey quoted by “Respondents cited these top three reasons why vacations are important to American’s mental health: relieving stress (44%); rejuvenating spirits (37%); and getting relationships back on track (8%).

So whether you’re in need of the best European vacations, want to travel to Tahiti or looking for a Costa Rica travel vacation, our travel experts, nee therapists, our travel experts, are on call for you and committed to relieving your stress and rejuvenating your spirits.

(The “getting relationships on track” part you’ll have to work on yourself!) We hope you agree. 🙂