Travel Insurance: More Destinations Mandate It

Jan 16, 2019 Avatar  TravelStore
Travel insurance varies country to country, but more and more countries are mandating it. Most Schengen nations, Cuba, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Ecuador, Turkey, and the United States require visitors to have it. Why has it become such a big concern? Why is it a requirement for tourists?

It’s simple: tourism has gotten bigger. More tourists result in more medical fees. Prohibiting entrance to those without insurance, or requiring those without insurance to buy a policy right then and there, is a way to prevent a nation from covering the healthcare costs for tourists.

Some Americans have falsely believed that their health insurance would work abroad, while a majority were not sure if it would. Medicare doesn’t provide emergency care abroad, but additional plans may offer partial treatment. Furthermore, not many health insurance agencies will cover the costs of a medical-related evacuation back to America.

If you’re in the European Economic Area, having health coverage might be easier than you thought. The European Union offers insured citizens of its member states, as well as those with a social security in its member states, a European Heath Insurance Card. The free card permits the beholder to healthcare in only other member states of the European Union. The treatment comes at a reduced cost if it is not free.

Thailand is debating compulsory travel insurance for tourists. Additionally, Egypt plans to make travel insurance mandatory. It is a manner to help host nations from footing the bill of tourists’ healthcare. Nevertheless, as aforementioned, travel insurance varies country to country. Not every nation requires it, but it is something of which travelers should be mindful.

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