Bermuda is a tropical getaway located in the North Atlantic, decked out in its British heritage (and Bermuda short), with picturesque pink sand beaches like Horseshoe Bay and Elbow Beach, and several golf courses. The reefs that surround these islands in the Sargasso Sea make it a diver’s paradise with its marine life, shipwrecks and underwater caves Bermuda cruises are another popular way to visit.

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Bermuda is not part of the Caribbean, but it is another topical getaway paradise off of our Eastern Seaboard. A Bermuda vacation is a popular getaway, and especially so with beach goers and golfers. There are a number of Bermuda cruise options seasonally, departing from the East Coast. Besides resort hotels, renting a Caribbean villa is also a popular option, especially for families.
Weather & Climate
The peak travel season are the early summer months, when water temperature is warmer. The shoulder season, the March and April spring months, are less crowded and still warm and pleasant. From September is hurricane season, with October being the wettest month in Bermuda. Because Bermuda is in the North Atlantic, the water temperature is colder than in the Caribbean, especially off season between September and late April.
Bermuda is about a two-hour flight from New York or Boston. Being a small island with limited infrastructure, there are no standard car rentals available here, though electric mini-cars are increasing in number. There are plenty of taxis; otherwise, visitors can rent scooters and mopeds or bicycles.
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Bermuda Schwartz (B. Morris), Resort to Murder (C. G. Hart), The Triangle and The Mountain: A Bermuda Triangle Adventure (J. von Alpen), The Sea 'Venture (F. Van Wyck Mason), The Isle of Devils (C. Janacek), The Bermuda Triangle (C. Berlitz).
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Unique Experiences
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Resorts in Bermuda

Known for comfortable resorts that carry on in the British tradition, our travel advisors can arrange your Bermuda vacation accommodations, including at our top picks (which include our exclusive amenities):

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Did you know?

A number of planes and ships have mysteriously disappeared completely in The Bermuda Triangle, also known as The Devil’s Triangle.

Bermuda is not part of the Caribbean and is comprised of 138 islands in the North Atlantic.

It’s possible to snorkel in the crystal clear waters surrounding Bermuda for up to 7 miles offshore, and to see up to 100 feet towards the sea bed.

More About Travel to Bermuda

There are a number of beautiful grottos and caves along Bermuda’s coast, including the Crystal and Fantasy caves.  The Prospero’s and  Cathedral caves are located on the grounds of Grotto Bay Beach Resort.  Anyway  are worth the visit.

Golfers will find the greens inviting, especially at Port Royal Golf Club, which are challenging and famous with PGA greats.  There’s also the holes at Turtle Hill Golf Club and Tucker’s Point Golf Club.

The Town of St. George was one of the first English towns established in North America and steeped in local history and is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are a number of beautiful and colorful buildings to see.

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