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Things to Do and See in Brazil - Unique Adventures and Experiences 

A trip to Brazil would not be complete without a visit to Rio de Janeiro, time spent on the beaches of Copacabana, the pilgrimage to Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain, and a taste of Samba. But once you finish with the short bucket list of Rio things to do and see, you may wish to expand your Brazil vacation to include a journey up the Amazon for a string of unforgettable eco-tourism activities in the world’s largest rain forest.

There’s virtually no limit to things to do on a Brazil vacation. You’ll want to include a visit to Rio’s sister city to the south, Sao Paolo, when looking over Brazil vacation packages, as well as a trip to the Argentine border to see one of the world’s most spectacular sites—Iguazu Falls. Or maybe you’ll want to spend some time on one of the less popular, unspoiled beaches along Brazil’s South Coast. Whatever you choose to put into your itinerary, you’re bound to have an amazing time when visiting Brazil.

Brazil Weather and Climate

Brazil is one of the world’s largest countries, and it spans a great deal of territory, from the equatorial areas in the north of the country to the temperate zones near its border with Argentina. As such, Brazil weather can be difficult to sum up in a couple of sentences.

There are a great many microclimates within the country. And though temperatures rarely dip much below seventy degrees Fahrenheit (apart from in the mountains and southern regions), the climate varies dramatically from the arid heat of the southern interior to the sticky, wet heat of the rainforest.

Transportation Options in Brazil

The majority of city-to-city transit undertaken by travelers to Brazil is done by air, though there are several Brazil cruises available; however, they typically bring travelers to many of the major cities and attractions along the coast. Brazil’s major cities all have taxi and bus service available at reasonable rates, and São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro both have excellent metro systems as well.

Brazil’s Hotels & Resorts

Whether you’re planning a Brazil honeymoon or just a Brazil vacation package, getting to know a bit about Brazil resorts and Brazil hotels is a good idea. And, while it may be true that all of the major cities of Brazil will have the range of available accommodations you’d come to expect in any big metropolitan area these days, the more rural parts of the nation can be more challenging. In some locations, it may be difficult to find much beyond the occasional resort spa or adventure lodge, most of which are crowded around various major points of interest. However, our travel experts and contacts in Brazil are specialists in planning and executing great trips to Brazil.


No matter what aspect of this South American wonderland is most intriguing to you, whether you’re ready to book your Brazil honeymoon, or just ready to investigate the available options when it comes to Brazil vacation packages or Brazil cruises, let our experienced Brazil travel experts use the knowledge they’ve gained over years of excursions to the country to guide you in picking out just the right package for you.