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Things to Do and See in Vietnam

Vietnam is an absolute paradise, a country of considerable beauty that has managed to find a way to persevere gracefully through the enduring legacy of the Indochina Wars. Many visitors may begin their Vietnam vacation in major cities, such as Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, spending time with the temples or popularized art and theater. Word to the wise: you’ll get even more from your Vietnam vacation package if it includes a trip to Vietnam’s striking landscape, outside of the main cities.

So, what should you do once you’ve seen where Hô Chi Minh read a proclamation of Vietnamese Independence and investigated historic pagodas? Venture to southern national parks and savor the shimmering paddy fields, village farms, and near-abandoned beaches that offer the perfect escape for a Vietnam honeymoon or a Vietnam vacation.

The Weather in Vietnam

Vietnam weather varies by region, especially between the north and south divide. In the northern region, which includes cities like Hanoi, Vietnam vacations from May to October will be humid with rainfall, whereas winter and spring months will be cool and dry. However, keep in mind that Vietnam weather in this region can drop to staggeringly low temperatures in December and January.

Traveling south, vacationers in Southern Vietnam will enjoy a dry climate and hot temperatures from November to April. Try to avoid visiting this region of the country in the summer, as June, July and August deliver vast quantities of rainfall, an impediment for those on Vietnam cruises or outdoor adventures.

Vietnam Transportation Options

After decades of ravaging war, Vietnam is resilient with change and progress. Vietnam roads are being upgraded and access to remote parts of the country is constantly improving. The most common forms of transportation in Vietnam include taxis and motorbikes. In smaller cities where traffic is not as prevalent, visitors can travel Vietnam by cyclo, or bicycle rickshaw.

To get from city to city during your travel to Vietnam, the best way to travel the country may be to take a privately operated bus by land, fly, or a Vietnam cruise by sea. Regardless of which transportation method you prefer, TravelStore can readily arrange your Vietnam vacation transportation.

Vietnam Resorts and Hotels

Most cities in Vietnam have a wide range of lodging options, from five-star luxury accommodations all the way to hostels for the community-oriented and budget-focused traveler. Along the central coast, you will find idyllic retreats, perfect for a Vietnam honeymoon escape. In the north, you can relax in a thatched villa that exudes private luxury along white sand beaches.

There are also many wonderful Vietnam resorts perched on the doorsteps of some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, so don’t hesitate to have TravelStore help you arrange the perfect Vietnam vacation package accommodations.

Unique Adventures and Experiences in Vietnam

Ready to venture off the beaten path and explore things to do in Vietnam that make this county an exceptional escape? Read on for must-see sites throughout Vietnam’s stunning landscape.

Trek through Sa Pa in Vietnam’s northern mountainous region to take advantage of spectacular views that overlook tranquil valleys with mountains towering above on all sides. After your hike through Sa Pa’s illustrious hills, wander to the base of the mountain to mingle with hill-tribe people who fill the town with local color.

Why not enjoy the country from its sprawling seascapes? Travel to Ha Long Bay and embark on a Vietnam cruise. Traveling in luxury, you’ll gaze upon limestone towers, hard at work fishing villages, and beautiful cliffs and arches.

Take in local culture by staying in a Bahnar Village. Here, you will get a sense of the wonderful Vietnamese people by staying in a rong, or communal house, where village decisions are made and timeless ceremonies are performed.

More About Vietnam

Whether you aim to explore the Cu Chi tunnels on an adventurous Vietnam honeymoon or to engage in a restorative journey along a Mekong River cruise, our team is ready to help you embark on the Vietnam vacation of your dreams. Search for Vietnam vacation packages above, or contact us today to help you begin planning your ultimate getaway to Vietnam.