Azamara Alaska Cruise Review

Oct 02, 2019 Avatar Linda Kahn-Ferrell Linda Kahn-Ferrell

Alaska is enchanting and so refreshing that the minute I left the cruise ship I wanted to hop on and return for more adventure! It is no doubt why the 49th state is a top tourism spot and one that I often book for clients. There is no end of what to experience or see in this most magnificent place. Unlike my first four trips to Alaska, this was the first time we stopped at Wrangell, Icy Strait Point, and Hubbard.

Despite being a small area, Wrangell is full of places to explore, people to meet, and stories to be heard. Wrangell gave us a sense of what life in Alaska truly is like. We toured the area via a bus with two women who live in Wrangell. We were honored to be shown where the Chief Shakes Tribal House was rebuilt and dedicated with many Alaskan natives coming from near and far. To hear the oratory history of how more than thousand visitors from Southeast Alaska traveled by canoes and other means to be part of this ceremony. By far, this was a highlight of our tour of Wrangell.

Love to watch whales? Icy Strait Point, according to one of my clients, is a great place for whale watching. It is also the home of the world’s largest ZipRider. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the start and 60 seconds to come down. Plus, the local watering hole is filled with local people eager to share their stories and serve you regional fare. Try the beer tasting at Icy Strait Brewing! There really is only one big beer establishment and, like Cheers, everyone will know your name by the time you leave!
Azamara is known for their port-centric cruises. More time in port means more opportunities to learn about the communities you are visiting. If you like to dive into the history, adventures, or culinary offerings of a port spot, you can enjoy it without feeling rushed.

On board Azamara, it is all-inclusive except for shore excursions and Internet. While not as big of a ship as other cruise ships, we did not feel lacking for any amenities. In fact, the long stays in port helped us to truly enjoy Alaska more fully.

Now, keep in mind, you can do a spa day, listen to a full array of guest lecturers, and be treated to excellent dining. One of my favorite events was the White Night Buffet and Party where everyone wears some variation of white, and then the entertainers all sing and dance with the guests. The AzAmazing Evening event also is a true pleaser! On this trip, the AzAmazing Evening was in Ketchikan where we saw native dancing, listened to local bands (four sisters who were spectacular), and watched the great Alaskan lumberjack show!

Have I enticed you to check out a cruise to Alaska? There is so much to see by land and by sea. And remember that traveling on a small cruise ship allows you to enjoy areas that are often not available to bigger ships.

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