For Some, the Best Alaska Cruise Is On a Small Ship

Jun 12, 2011 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

One of America’s best cruise destinations is Alaska, our last frontier. The incredible beauty Alaska’s landscapes provide are relaxing, invigorating, and for some, even spiritual. If we need to de-stress from city life on our vacations, Alaska is one destination that fits the bill. For the active traveler, Alaskan cruises offer wonderful opportunities, from hiking and dog sledding, to canoeing and kayaking.

While most of the top rated cruise lines offer Alaska vacations, there are many travelers that find traveling here on a mega cruise ship incongruous with visiting this destination. For them the smaller the ship, the better.

There have been various small ship cruise lines in past years in Alaska.

But because it’s more costly to operate a smaller vessel than a mega ocean liner, the small ship Alaska cruise was often rather costly. (Alaska is not the least inexpensive cruise destination to begin with.)

If a small ship cruise sounds like your cup of tea, your cruise travel agent can advise you on the pluses and minuses of large vs small ship cruises in Alaska, and assist you with all the arrangements.

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