How We Provide a Better Travel Experience

Dec 14, 2015 Avatar Hilton Smith Hilton Smith

Designing a trip is in some ways like baking a cake. The ingredients are well known, but sometimes it’s the professional touch that makes all the difference. That’s why bakeries are still around.

As travel advisors, we look at details big and small, designing into each expert journey added value from experienced eyes.

A major part of this process is the contact regimen professional travel planners maintain. This is used to make our clients stand out from the masses in any organized and pre-booked custom designed program.

Yes, literally thousands of guests will check into a hotel in any given year, but our aim is to make your arrival stand out. A better room, a notice to them of your exact arrival time, a delivered amenity or an included breakfast all contribute to the experience.

That’s part of our preferred Hotel and Resorts program. Some people get the special attention; why not you?

Having access to decision makers is key, and that is still done the old fashioned face-to-face way with maximum effect. This month I attended the International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) in Cannes, France.

This four-day exclusive luxury travel show brought together the world’s top buyers and sellers of luxury travel. TravelStore has been participating in this invitation-only conference for many years. Only 1,500 specially invited agents and 1,500 representatives of luxury brands where present. These were general managers, owners, and sales directors of the most prestigious accommodations, private islands, cruises, spas, safaris and and airlines worldwide.

In private appointments throughout the conference, relationships were renewed, ties struck and connections established all for the benefit of our clients. This event is private and not open to the public. (And since everyone is there, perhaps that’s why the Cannes boardwalk looked so empty!)

Today, almost anyone can put the pieces of a trip together. The question is if there is the depth of knowledge, background, personal experience and expert training to make a basic trip into a truly one of a kind adventure.

It’s the TravelStore Difference. The travel contacts we work on every day as well as at exclusive events like ILTM make the difference in the lasting memories of a great travel discovery.

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