Our Knowledge Is Your Benefit

Sep 26, 2016 Avatar Hilton Smith Hilton Smith

As experienced professional travel planners, our job is to add value to the travel ideas you have in mind, to implement them in a cost effective way, to help you avoid the hassles and make every enjoyable moment of your valuable time count.  We do this in many ways and through contacts not available to the general public. Our in-depth knowledge and continuing education are keys to a better trip for our clients.

Despite our e-connected world, face-to-face connections are still very important. Meeting and knowing those who actually service our clients around the globe has immense value, as well as hearing first hand about the advancements and changes in the local market places and latest offerings available. This is where much of the ground work for the perfect trip begins: Meeting sales directors, hotel general managers, airline representatives and resort managers first hand — it can make all the difference in how we deliver the travel experience to our clients.

A big renovation, new business class seats, a three-day authentic tour of the Outback, a new helicopter service, policy changes, a new spa, a new hotel or resort opening, or new transportation links — all contribute to the advanced knowledge and resources for our client’s benefit. That special moment, the dinner under the stars, the faster transfer, the newest accommodation with the better view, the Club Level access, that special amenity acknowledging an anniversary or birthday — all add little by little to a perfectly designed trip.

Luxperience 2016 just concluded in Sydney, Australia. It is one of a number of major travel conferences we attend. Over several days, I and others from TravelStore met collectively with over 200 suppliers and vendors to forge those contacts and to gain greater knowledge into travel and its constant changes.

This was first hand, unfiltered and one-on-one, and grueling! But this new-found knowledge is brought home to use to help make every trip better, in small and big ways. Other colleagues attended PURE in Morocco, and yet more will be headed to ILTM in Cannes — all with the same mission.

The value of our knowledge as travel advisors was illustrated during my return flight from Sydney with my previously unknown seat mate on United Airlines. She pointed out details of a car service picking her up for the last leg to Orange Country from LAX.

I pointed out to her the sometimes strange logistics of LAX early morning international arrivals. The car service had scheduled United Terminal 7; we actually would arrive at the Tom Bradley Terminal. “Good call”, she said as she phoned the car service just after touch down to correct them. “That’s my job”, I replied to a grateful passenger. A small hassle would now be avoided after a 13-hour flight.

There is so much content now on the subject of travel. It is everywhere. But sending out a picture of yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower does not make you an expert on France. Just like a picture in front of a gourmet cake does not make you a master baker.

Knowledge is power. Do we have the hours to research our travel questions? Do we even know the questions to ask? Most of us have so much going on in our lives.  So let our knowledge, expertise and connections be your guide to a smoother and more enjoyable travel adventure. Ring for us!