In the Wake of Tragic Events in Paris

Nov 17, 2015 Avatar Dan Ilves Dan Ilves

We publicly express our condolences to Paris and to France.

We have a number of customers in Paris. Some have decided to return home early, while others are maintaining their itineraries. We empathize with the mixed emotions — it is hard to continue to enjoy one’s trip amidst tragedy nearby.

It is appropriate we pause and have a period of mourning. In some cultures that’s 3 days, in others longer. Then we move on with our lives.

What’s important is we don’t become willing victims to the fear these terrorist acts propagate. And as tragic and ultimately cowardly as these recent acts were, directed at innocent civilians, we need to keep in mind there is more danger in driving our cars than taking a flight or traveling overseas.

We have supplier partners that contacted every hotel where a traveler was staying in Paris, accounting for them all. They assisted in making sure well-planned itineraries could still be carried out given increased security measures. our travel experts are here to address any concerns and issues our clients have.

At TravelStore our phones were initially busy with one large group we had in Paris at the time, but we are not seeing significant cancellations. While a few are changing or delaying travel plans, most are not. Our resolve is strengthened as a result of terrorism, and we continue to monitor the situation.

Vive la France… vive la Paris!