Journey to the Arctic

Nov 15, 2019 Avatar Susan Waymire Susan Waymire

I recently journeyed to Churchill, Manitoba. Why? Churchill is home of many unique polar adventures with the most popular trip being the Polar Bear Adventure. Natural Habitat delivers an incredible tundra trip to see these magnificent animals threatened by extinction.

I love wildlife travel, and this trip delivered the anticipation that is felt on wildlife adventure. Lumbering along in the giant Polar Rover, we are able to travel in extreme comfort over the tundra. Accompanied by our expert bear guide, Theresa, we are given detailed explanation about polar bears for three days. Every question you have – whether on feeding, sparring, or something else – can be answered competently. It’s an outdoor Arctic polar experience designed for the curious. Our driver, Bill, knows the hiding spots for these giants, and we spotted many each day… roughly 35-40 the entire trip! Photographers will love this method of travel, since they have lots of time for photographs. Other than polar bears, we spotted an arctic hare, foxes, and wild ptarmigan.

Throughout this journey, there was time to have cultural experiences in the evenings. Local poets, photographers, and naturalists provide insight to this rugged life in the Arctic. Churchill has 950 inhabitants, and all of them participate in the tourist economy. Accommodations are spartan, and there’s no fine dining, but it really isn’t missed. The outdoor experience makes up for the lack of luxury.

On our last night, we had a spectacular treat… the Northern Lights danced across the sky! I can’t say that I can guarantee this experience for my clients, but all I have to say is: wow! If it happens, it’s the icing on the cake.

I’ve traveled the world to Africa, the Amazon, and the Galapagos. I have to say the Arctic delivered everything I had hoped for in the same way those trips did but, in many respects, even more so. While I cannot guarantee all of my experiences on your journey, I can promise you an adventure of a lifetime. Contact TravelStore to explore your Arctic adventure!