No. 11 Cadogan Gardens: A Boutique London Hotel

Sep 30, 2016 Avatar Pam Jacobs Pam Jacobs
No. 11 Cadogan Gardens is a home away from home sanctuary in the heart of London, England. We stayed there in August and were completely delighted by the staff, the decor, the service and the feel of the hotel. This Small Luxury Hotel boasts beautiful antique art, a fabulous lounge, an incredible hidden garden and a true sense of place!
Checking in, you feel like you stepped back in time. Although it has modern amenities, it holds the charm of old London. You walk into your room, and there you find yourself in your very own apartment in London. The staff was amazing, hotel is cozy & yummy, breakfast divine. The rooms are modern in technology, but classic in decor. The bathrooms were incredible, with a rain shower and a lovely deep soaking tub. Marble everywhere!!! There are 56 rooms here and each has it’s own personality, and all very British.
Originally it was built by Lord Chelsea in the 19th century as four separate town houses. As you wander around the hotel, you can take a wrong turn and unearth a new room or conservatory etc. Later the hotel was a private club; it still feels very private and exclusive from those glory days.

This hotel is in a residential neighborhood between Chelsea and Knightsbridge, and absolutely beautiful area of London.

It feels so nice to walk back to the brownstone front and head inside to the bar which is cheeky enough on its own. A dark color palette of charcoal and gold, the bar feels like it is holding many secrets of its glamorous patrons over the years, but it can keep a good secret and is as interesting as its past guests!

You are walking distance to Sloan Street from here, where you can visit some of the top designer shops, excellent restaurants, amazing cars like Lamborghini’s and Tesla’s with special custom paint jobs, AKA the Sloane Rangers!

Since London calls me back regularly, the next time I am answering and staying again at No.11 Cadogan Gardens.