Normandy Remembrance

Feb 27, 2014 Avatar Wendy Carlson Wendy Carlson

This submission is provided by one of our clients. It’s a personal email he sent to his friend.

Normandy – Remembered and Appreciated by Dave Kipp I have some friends who are interested in traveling to Normandy which reminded me of the fantastic trip I experienced in July of 2013.

Our trip and guides were so historical, factual, personal (several family experiences related by the guide who lives in Normandy), informative etc. etc. The local guide’s parents and grandfather lived during WWI and II. In fact during WWII his parents had two German soldiers who lived with them for 3-4 years during the German occupation. They had no choice but to accept the situation.

Just imagine the stories this guide had to tell. They were exceptional. His recount of D Day was fabulous. He related specifics of what happened on Omaha and Utah Beach to include Pointe du Hoc and the big German guns that turned out to be telephone poles. And also the several bridges and roads that HAD to be taken before and during the invasion. I collected some actual sand I picked up from Omaha Beach.

It was meaningful to me and a memento I will treasure.

But just to see the wide EXPANSE of Omaha Beach and how our many of our troops had to die before enough of them could build a beach head—-this was just unbelievable.

We are so lucky that so many US men gave their lives for us and our future. You have to see it to believe and comprehend and appreciate what sacrifices they made!!!! I choke up again just typing this!!! GO if at all possible. I have to imagine that the 70th anniversary will be OUTSTANDING.
In fact just thinking about it again makes me want to make another trip.