Seeking Out the White Lion on an African Safari

Jun 21, 2011 Avatar  TravelStore

There are many reasons to seek out adventure travel vacation packages in Africa. For most travelers, the best safaris in Africa comprise incredible game park resorts, phenomenal and breathtaking wildlife sightings, and to be touched by the warm and caring hospitality.

From the personal experiences my colleagues and I have had on African wildlife safaris, there was also a spiritual component that’s impossible to describe unless you experience it firsthand. You can’t take a photo of it, and as with most of the world’s amazing destinations, photos can’t do justice to being there — in person.

Likewise, Southern Africa or East Africa isn’t a place you can visit just once and feel completely fulfilled about the experience. It’s a place to return to. Adventure travel in Africa is perhaps like white water rafting – you can revisit the same river, but the experience is never the same. If you’ve been maybe you can share your experience.

One of the more unusual African wildlife safari sightings would be the white lion (pictured here). They can be spotted in the Timbavati region or on the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, one of South Africa’s private reserves, where efforts are being made to reintroduce white lions into the wild through a rehabilitation program.

Africa is also one of the best family vacation destinations. It’s an amazing place for children to learn about nature and become in awe of it. Our Africa travel experts are eager to arrange your best Africa safari trip.